Mi-World Mall

Mi-World originated as PlanetToday.com, a community website founded in the 90’s by the Hon. Sinclair Stevens.

The advent of the mobile phone provided access to the consumer in a way that was never possible before through online websites.

To capitalize on this, PlanetToday.com has been upgraded and rebranded to offer a mobile based service Mi-World.ca.

Mi-World will bring together merchants in each community with consumers on their mobile device.
In addition, Mi-World will donate a percentage of its revenues to not-for-profit groups of the consumers choice, to recognize the substantial contribution that these groups make to each community.

This brings together the foresight of Sinclair Stevens with the leading-edge technology of NTG Clarity, a company founded by Ashraf Zaghloul, both of whom serve as members of the Mi-World Mall Board.
Mi-World Mall is a private company with its head office in Newmarket, Ontario, and with two major investors, Planet America and NTG Clarity.